“No Religion is an Island” Invitation

In his capacity as Harry Emerson Fosdick Visiting Professor at Union Theological Seminary, Heschel gave this speech in 1965 which he discussed the shared values of Judaism and Christianity and the profound need for dialogue.

Horizons are wider, dangers are greater . . . No religion is an island. We are all involved with one another. Spiritual betrayal on the part of one of us affects the faith of all of us. Views adopted in one community have an impact on other communities. Today religious isolationism is a myth.

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Whatever the yearning is that throbs within us—whether or not we call it the Holy Spirit—it is our responsibility to make it live. Edward K. Kaplan He shot an arrow into thinking about religion; it wasn’t just about don’t do this, do that, but instead make yourself open to the amazement of the world. Rabbi Michael Graetz Heschel’s emphasis on the need for “text-people,” prompted me to know that his life of learning, inspiration, and activism was Torah. Rabbi Elie Spitz